Which company’s LED panel light is best?

Lightning in the surroundings plays an essential role, but what you choose as a source of lighting is a significant consideration that demands a lot of attention.

You must have been using fluorescent bulbs by now in your office and at home, but at the same time, you must also be tired of using them. They bother a lot, sometimes by flickering or making a noise; they need to be more eco-friendly and take up a lot of energy.

It is therefore important to look for a replacement of these bulbs and you must be wondering what you can have instead of these. You can opt for the LED panel light, one of the best innovations of today, and it efficiently serves lighting purposes in different offices and homes.

If you look forward to having information on these LED panel lights followed by choosing the right company to purchase them from, you are at the right place then. In this guide, you will learn almost everything about these lights, so let’s read below!

Why are LED Panel Lights the Best Ones to Choose?

These LED panel lights could be useful and better than other lighting opinions. Below, we have discussed the various benefits of choosing these lights, which will help you make your decision correctly.

Some of the reasons that may compel you to choose these lights to comprise the following:

1. No Heat Production

Classic fluorescent bulbs are known to produce a lot of heat. Not only do you feel the heat when you go close to these bulbs, but apart from that, the surroundings also get equipped with that heat.

So, in summer, using these bulbs will make you feel terrible and heat the entire environment causing you to feel irritated. Whereas, as far as the LED panel lights are concerned, these are cool lights. They produce no heat, so your surroundings stay cool no matter how long you have been using them throughout the day.

2. Energy Efficiency

In recent times when inflation has taken a toll worldwide, everyone looks forward to saving on their electricity costs. Using fluorescent bulbs always consumes a lot of energy and causes electricity bills to rise. So, for instance, if you have many bulbs in one place all over, you will have to bear a considerable amount of electricity bills every month.

Hence, if you replace them with LED panel lights, you will cut down a lot on your electric costs. These lights are energy-saving lights and don’t consume much electricity. Hence, when it comes to your bills every month, you can see a significant reduction in that.

3. Increased Lifespan

LED panel lights last longer as compared to other lights. No matter how many hours you use them to light your surroundings, their life is longer compared to fluorescent bulbs.

So, you can keep it the same now and then, and you get a hold of something consistent for a longer term. When you change your bulb frequently it also causes a lot of expense. Hence, this LED panel light could be considered a one-time investment that keeps on working for a long time.

4. Suitable for all Environments

LED panel lights are suitable for all environments. No matter if you need them to be placed outdoors or indoors, they go well. They don’t get impacted by the hot and cold temperatures nor react to them in your living room or the kitchen.

However, with the bulbs, you might have to think twice before placing them because they cannot tolerate all kinds of environments. Here LED panel lights prove to be a decent choice.

5. Environment-Friendly Option

Fluorescent bulbs may be made of harmful materials like mercury which are detrimental to the environment. Also, these bulbs are not recyclable and hence cause a danger to the environment as a whole.

Whereas, when it comes to the LED panel lights, these are environment friendly, contain no such chemicals, and can easily be recycled. Also, they release no UV emission, so no matter where it is used, they won’t cause any problems to the surroundings in terms of harmful rays.

6. Quick Lighting Solution

Fluorescent bulbs take a lot of time to light up, whereas LED panel lights take no time to light up, and hence you can have quick lights right away. These are much more suitable at workplaces because the moment the switch is pressed, the entire area turns enlightened.

The fluorescent bulbs may take a long time to light gradually and adequately spread light. So, the idea of choosing LED panel lights is better for immediate and instant lighting.

7. Anti-Glare Features

Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LED panel lighting offers anti-glare features. This means that when you have a habit of staying mainly indoors, the immediate interaction with this light won’t cause you to feel irritated.

It looks comfortable to the eyes and doesn’t cause much distress. Unlike bulbs, these lights never reflect the light too much and give you a relaxing experience. Whereas the bulbs directly hit your eyes when you look at them or sometimes when you spend too much time under them.

Things to look into when choosing a LED panel light company

Selecting an LED panel light means exercising a lot of care when choosing the right company that manufactures these lights. There are many manufacturers in the market, but when you are looking forward to enjoying all the benefits listed above, then you must have the right company chosen.

Here we have shared some tips you may follow in choosing the right LED light manufacturers, so let’s take a look!

1. Reputation of the Company

In every aspect, when looking forward to the right manufacturer, the most important thing is looking at the reputation they possess. When the company has a well-built reputation and is famous for its high-quality products and services, it proves to be the right one.

If the quality of the LED panel lights is good, then only you will achieve the benefits shared above. If the quality is not good, there could be a waste of your time and money. Hence, when choosing a company for LED panel lights, read through the reviews shared by clients and assess the quality.

2. Variations in LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are available in different shapes so when looking forward to the company selection, make sure that you choose a company that offers sufficient variations.

Some LED panel lights are recessed, and some are mounted. These lights could also be available in the suspended form. Hence, when choosing the manufacturer for the LED panel lights, one must select a manufacturer offering sufficient variety.

The size of the lights may also vary, as do the colors and brightness. Many manufacturers also offer LED panel lights that can be customized according to the customer’s demand.

So, consider the company that offers you all these variations to get the best lights.

3. Warranty and After-Sales Service

The best manufacturing company will offer the best customer service and warranties if the company you have chosen does not provide you with the after-sales service and warranty.

In case the LED panel light is new and doesn’t work, you might need to have a change and for this warranty is very important. Always look for a manufacturer that will offer you warranties and also respond to you with customer service that is quick and efficient.

4. Consider the CRI offered by the LED Light

CRI stands for Colors Rating Index, and it is the ability of the light that shows you the actual colors of objects. In various lights, the objects’ colors don’t appear as clearly as they are.

Therefore, when choosing LED panel lights, it is essential that you consider that their CRI is somewhere between 80RA to 90RA so that you can have the actual color appearance.

Which is the Best LED Panel Light Company?

After you have gone through the factors that you must consider in a manufacturer, you must also know about the one company that offers the best lights. Well, the name of Olam Lighting company is not new, and it is one of the pioneers to choose.

It has a variety of LED panel lights that are suitable by all means. They are not only versatile in terms of options, but at the same time, the quality of the LED panel lights is also durable and can be used for a longer span.

You can also have your LED panel lights customized according to your specifications with Olam lighting company. Quality is their prime concern; hence, they provide seamless lighting effects compared to other brands.

It has two panel lights being highly suitable, and these are TK01 and TD01. These lights come with plenty of features and benefits, and some of them are discussed below:

● TK01

TK02 consists of a linear track of LED lights, and this follows a single array quite commonly used in shopping malls, grocery stores, and warehouses. Some of the features and benefits of the TK02 comprise the following:

  • These LED lights have a luminous intensity of up to 160LM/W.
  • It offers a very high UV tolerance.
  • The structure of this LED light is housed in aluminum, providing excellent heat dissipation.
  • It comprises an aluminum PCB that offers high resistance to heat.
  • Colors choice in these lights amount to being in black or white.
  • You can have different power and length for this LED panel light.
  • These are flexible lights and can be moved from one place to another.
  • Its beam angle is 60 degrees, 90 degrees, or DS 20 degrees.
  • The length option for this model is 1152mm and 1442mm.

● TD01

TD01 is specially made for those people who spend most of their time indoors and cannot tolerate too much brightness in a light. This model of light is also called anti-glare light because it does not cause unnecessary reflections in the eyes and is subtle.

This light is mainly used in stores and supermarkets but is also common in offices and is suitable for reading or writing something. The TD01 has the following features and benefits to offer:

  • It comprises the luminous intensity being high, UGR<19 but up to 130LM/W.
  • It has a very efficient lens and also offers a high tolerance against UV.
  • Offers heat resistance.
  • TD01 offers a CRI greater than 80RA and 90RA.
  • There are three ways it can easily be installed, either as recessed or suspended, and even tracked in the tracking system’s presence.
  • It has a beam angle of 80 degrees, Glare value below 19.

Olam lighting company offers high-quality lights with many options compared to the other companies. It has a reasonable price, excellent cluster support, warranty, and quick response to customers, making them better than other companies.

Olamled offers these low-glare LED panel lights, which can be customized according to your requirement. You can also have different shell colors according to your need and have the easiest installation available. So, compared to other manufacturers, Olamled is the pioneer in this field.


It is essential to choose the right manufacturer so that when you provide your clients with LED panel lights, you are satisfied, and so are they. Making any compromise on the part of these lights will only end up wasting your money, and it won’t help you achieve the purpose of replacing your fluorescent bulbs.

These LED panel lights will help you save on every cost, offer durable usage, and provide incomparable quality. So, if you want to choose something worth the investment, then nothing could beat the products supplied by Olam lighting company.

Olam lighting company has many options concerning LED panel lights, and the PN, PG, and PM series are equally suitable for use at home and in the office.

Being in the field of lighting product manufacturing for the past 14 years, Olam has achieved efficiency in research and development and has been able to innovate more on LED lighting. By choosing them, you will never be disappointed and have an enlightened space that will offer you comfort without causing any irritation in the eyes.

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